Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bookhou is a shop filled to the brim with beautiful screenprinted textiles. The look is modern, filled with plants and animals, and heavy on the linen. There's also a gorgeous array of modern wooden furniture (ooh, did I just spy some industrial felt, too?), and even some letterpress! It's pretty much a given that I would adore this shop. Imagine my surprise when I heard that I had won this awesome collection of screenprinted linen treats! Woohoo! I'm sure I'll use the satchel and little purse until they're threadbare, though I can't imagine wiping my hands on the sweet bird napkins... I think they're destined for display.


  1. Such an impressive design!
    Their shapes reminds me of a company I found the other day, Boca do Lobo. Their furniture designs are like art pieces: Love your Blog! Keep posting! What a magnificent piece!

  2. thanks cat for the post and the kind words - so glad you like everything.
    all the best,