Wednesday, July 28, 2010

reusable produce & bulk bags

This may be one of my crunchier subjects, but it's certainly one worth considering. We've all heard the (deeply, wildly) frightening stories of the great pacific gyre, and should be seriously cutting back on our use of plastics. These muslin bags are quick to put together, inexpensive (I made 20 of varying sizes for about $5), and can be used for just about anything: fruit and veggies and greens, bulk stuff such as beans, nuts, grains, dried fruit, teas, herbs and spices, or even carrying snacks around with you. Basically, you cut out hunks of fabric in the desired size, sew them together with a hem at the top, and put in two drawstrings (rather than one, so you can tie them together to keep things secure). Then be sure to note the bag's tare weight before checkout, and you're set!

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