Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tsukiji fish market

It's sort of a ritual to get up before the sun rises on your first morning in Japan and, with pants rolled up and your crummier shoes on, head down to the tsukiji fish market to see the sights and enjoy breakfast sushi. We dodged noisy motorized palettes and shuffled through narrow, cobbled alleys inside the enormous seafood arena, where torpedo-like, human-sized frozen tuna are cut with bandsaws, and there are tubs upon tubs of live fish, eels, sea cucumbers, and every other imaginable sea creature flapping and splashing and bubbling away. It was a little sad, but still worth seeing, especially when the most incredible sushi is in the next alley over. Mind-blowing sushi at 6am was a perfect, dream-like way to start our trip through Japan.

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